Selected Works

On Yom Kippur, ten characters in synagogue, grappling with identity, meaning, repentance, forgiveness...
A contemporary Israeli-Palestinian conflict plays out against the backdrop of mythic Biblical rivalries.
A new book of poetry with an old soul, a stunning cartography of the heart.
Memoir in poetry and prose
“Stories and poetry so captivating, powerful, wise… An extraordinary achievement!"
–Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

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“Standing room only, and other than the voices reading, only the sound of hearts pounding. We had no lighting, only one microphone, no Equity actors. We might have had a ninety minute bomb on our hands. It was hardly a bomb, but it was explosive.”
–Havurah member, South Florida

We yearn for loving family connections, we yearn for home. We navigate surprising complexities of adult friendships, we struggle to center our lives on what is nourishing and meaningful. And sometimes we are able to take strength from the stark holiness which can emerge from ordinary moments.

“Reading Feld, you burst out laughing one minute and wipe away tears the next. Mostly, we recognize ourselves -- the messy, complex, uncertain yet precious threads which make up the fabric of our lives.”
The Jewish Times

"[Merle Feld’s] voice is warm and vivid… an inspiration to all of us to take seriously the imperative that the spiritual and the ethical must be intertwined.”
–Susannah Heschel

“down-to-earth, honest, courageous and revealing”
Hadassah Magazine

Daphna, a young Israeli lawyer, and Najah, her streetwise client accused of a terrorist bombing, share the stage with Biblical Sarah, Abraham and Hagar. The mythic women come to life, playing out ancient rivalry and bitterness, while the modern women struggle to overcome respective legacies of political hatred and mistrust.