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Readings and Conversations

In my own life I have discovered connections between spiritual exploration and growth; self-empowerment and the search for identity; attention to the inner world of creativity and the call to embody activism; an awareness of aging, and a sense of wonder and gratitude in the everyday. It is these passions that I bring to others in my teaching.


The world has changed quite a bit, and so have I, since I first led the life of a busy scholar-in-residence, enjoying traveling to communities in different regions of the United States and countries abroad. While now I meet virtually with participants, learners, seekers, I continue to delight in the meaning making of our connections. I relish the imaginative work of creating readings, programs, workshops, and then offering my poetry as the springboard to share with others, to listen, to inspire, to open hearts.


I invite you to contact me: Begin by describing your community/book group/synagogue/ writing circle: What do you care about? What are your questions? How do you hope to deepen connections? Let me construct a program from what I hear and discern as you speak. What emerges may take the form of a poetry reading on a particular theme, or focus on just a few evocative poems, close text study, perhaps some participant journaling, and intimate ensuing conversation.


Some topics which have inspired connection in the past:

The Journey of a Spiritual Life

Holy Moments Every Day

Our Families, Ourselves

Faith and Doubt: How We Talk with God

Making Shabbos, the Ancient Tradition of Jewish Performance Art

Also possible are virtual writing workshops:
A writing experience which is nourishing and authentic begins when we let go of the busyness of the day, all the noises that clamor for attention. We dive deep to listen carefully - what is the inner voice longing to say. In this workshop, I guide participants through simple yet powerful writing exercises, revisiting experiences and feelings of the past, encouraging curiosity, and enjoying the unique gift of quiet time to explore our spiritual selves. No previous writing workshop experience needed - come with a pen and an open heart!

Some possible Writing Workshop Topics:
~Writing as a Spiritual Practice
~Beginning to Create Spiritual Autobiography
~Preparing for Awe: High Holiday Warm-Ups and Stretching
~Writing Our Way to the Seder Table
~Writing in the Paradigm of Prayer

(Writing workshops can be designed for the particular needs of a group, conference or event.)