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On Yom Kippur, ten characters in synagogue, grappling with identity, meaning, repentance, forgiveness...
A contemporary Israeli-Palestinian conflict plays out against the backdrop of mythic Biblical rivalries.
A new book of poetry with an old soul, a stunning cartography of the heart.
Memoir in poetry and prose
“Stories and poetry so captivating, powerful, wise… An extraordinary achievement!"
–Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

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I'll be looking for you as we all go out from Egypt tonight

April 6, 2012

Tags: Passover preparation, seder questions, spiritual poetry

Living as a poet means you are acutely attuned to the voices within, you seek to listen, to discern the words that best capture your own inner truth. But I am a poet who is interested as well in the inner lives of others – ever wider circles of care and love have beckoned me from my private musings, from my cherished writing venues of study and porch. (more…)