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On Yom Kippur, ten characters in synagogue, grappling with identity, meaning, repentance, forgiveness...
A contemporary Israeli-Palestinian conflict plays out against the backdrop of mythic Biblical rivalries.
A new book of poetry with an old soul, a stunning cartography of the heart.
Memoir in poetry and prose
“Stories and poetry so captivating, powerful, wise… An extraordinary achievement!"
–Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

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The Journey to Sinai - part 1

May 11, 2012

Tags: Sinai, Sinai poem, Shavuot, beit midrash, teaching resources, We All Stood Together, A Spiritual Life, revelation, women's experience, Standing at Sinai, Judith Plaskow

a poetry beit midrash

On Saturday night May 26 we will be celebrating Shavuot, the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai. In the past few weeks as many of us count down to Sinai, I've been hard at work preparing for a webinar on May 21 sponsored by the National Association of Temple Educators (NATE), the professional organization of Reform Jewish educators. In the webinar I will lead NATE members through the steps of creating a poetry beit midrash in which a large group breaks off into two's or three's to intensively study a particular text. (more…)

Yom Kippur part 2 - the solitary Yom Kippur

October 3, 2011

Tags: Yom Kippur, self-reflection, solitary prayer, A Spiritual Life

Though I've been the wife of a rabbi and intimately involved in the life of Jewish community for all of my adult years, I know with equal intimacy what it means to live as a Jew off the grid, not a part of any synagogue or community, invisible. How do you spend the High Holidays, how do you spend Yom Kippur, when you are one of those Jews? Excerpted from my book A Spiritual Life, a vignette from my childhood:

"A memory which repeats itself, every year, year in, year out. It is Yom Kippur. My brothers and I are home from school, everyone is dressed up in their best clothes. The adults fast, Roger and I compete to see who can 'hold out' longest. Some of this is like everyday - competing in a game with my brother. But some is different - dressed up, sitting quietly in the living room. Most different of all is my mother: (more…)